Sand & Stardust

I started this year slowly with lots of thinking and planning. I cut myself some slack and took time out from The Token Hunter, reminding myself in the sheer panic of life and self doubt that January, February and March can be weird months, especially if you are a small business owner.

Sometimes I look at myself and this little of business of mine as I sit in my studio working long hours and question what exactly am I doing and am I doing this right? Sometimes I wonder if I’m wasting my time and money. It’s scary to invest your energy into something you love, in case other people don’t love it in return.

It’s all too easy to view this online platform and assume everyone is living their best life; travelling, working out, raising the perfect family, selling all the products, planning their happily ever after and living the dream… Then I remind myself that it’s a highlight reel of smoke and mirrors and all is often not what it seems. It’s like comparing sand to stardust, the grit to the cosmic, the mundane reality of life to a magical realm.

I have come to realise that it’s good to feel uncomfortable, to question, to take a risk, to go against the flow, to slow down and say no. It’s good when people ask ‘are you crazy?’ as it means you are thinking boldly and living freely and doing something for yourself - Rather than the media circus we are all consumed by.

So that thing you have been putting off in the crazy chaos of life, the thing that scares and excites you in equal measure, I think you should just go for it. There will never be a perfect time so start where you are, use what you have and do what you can. Yes I often feel scared but I also feel brave and the more I face my fears, the less scary they become! No one really knows what they are doing or where they are heading; forging my path may take months or years but giving up is not an option. Persistence and consistency are key. Oh and not giving a fuck how others perceive your journey is pretty important too!

My inspiration is found in the action of creating, failing, failing harder and trying once again. It will take time, it will take patience and a positive mindset but when you set intentions, they start as a behaviour, then a habit followed by a practice and finally they become second nature to your daily routine. Let every choice you make be a brick in building the foundations of your future. Trust your gut, follow your heart and don’t believe everything you see on social media!

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